Rolling Papers vs Pre-Roll Cones: Which One is Better?

Rolling papers and pre-rolled cones are two different things that serve the same purpose. They are used by people who love to roll their own dry herbs. Although both offer a similar smoking experience. One is a lot easier to use and beginner friendly than the other. Understanding their pros, cons, and how to fill or roll each of them will help you make a better choice the next time you hit the dispensary or smoke shop.

Rolling Papers vs Pre-Roll Cones

The use of papers in rolling herbs has become a way to go for many smokers because of the freedom it offers. Some other reasons why anyone would want to roll their own tobacco or other dry herbs include:

Cheap: Buying generic factory-made cigarettes typically cost more money than a pack of rolling papers and pack of tobacco.

Elevates Social Status: Some smokers roll their cigarettes during social gathers in order to appear “edgy” within their circles.

Control: Using papers gives smokers control over their smoking experience. They can decide which herb they want and how big or how small they want their cigarette to be.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are special papers that are used to wrap dry herbs to form hand-made cigarettes. These papers are made out of different materials such as wood pulps, hemp, and rice. Typically, the material of the rolling paper determines how fast or slow the burn rate would be.

Depending on the company, the best rolling papers are usually ones that can be rolled easy and burn slow. You also don’t want any extra chemicals or harmful additives in your paper. This will make you cough since it’s harsh.

Wood Pulps

Papers made from wood pulps are thick, which makes them suitable for those who are learning how to roll. However, wood pulp rolling papers can burn incredibly fast.


Hemp papers come from hemp fiber, and they are thinner than wood pulp rolling papers. They are also easy to roll and can be used by beginners.


Rice papers are known as the thinnest rolling papers. Beginners find it challenging to use rice paper because it can hardly hold the weed in one place, unlike the other two.  However, it burns slowly, which makes it a favorite choice for many expert smokers.


  • It is cheap
  • Gives you control over smoking
  • Easy to roll for expert smokers


  • Not very suitable for beginners
  • It takes time to roll multiple joints

How to Roll a Joint

Rolling the perfect joint requires dexterity, which comes with practice. Sometimes, you can make the process even easier by using a rolling machine. Follow these steps to roll a joint.

Prepare the weed

This is the most important part of your joint. Ensure that your dry herbs have an even texture. You want to make sure all the stems and seeds are taken out. Put your herbs in a grinder and make sure you grind it up real well.

Prepare your rolling paper

Place the paper on the table and ensure that you have the glue area facing up.

Add your weed

Now sprinkle some of your favorite buds on the paper. Remember that how you want the shape of your joint to be is determined by how you spread the herbs over the paper. Make sure that there is enough space around the edges of the paper.

Pro tipUse long rolling papers.

Prepare the roach

A roach or a filter is the part of the joint that serves as a mouthpiece. It also helps to prevent the smoke from burning your hands. You can make a roach from thin cardboard.

Insert the prepared roach at the left of your rolling paper.

Pro tip – Use business cards for the best roach, if you don’t know have any regular tips.


This is where it becomes tricky. Pick up everything, fold the paper slightly over the weed, and start rolling it slowing to form a tube.

Pro tip: Your thumbs should do most of the work. Use your forefingers to give support and pressure.

Seal it

Once you have successfully rolled the paper into a tube, the next thing is to close the joint by licking the glue strip and pressing it on the rolling paper. Now twist the end (without a roach) to ensure that your herbs do not fall out.

Do your thing: Light up the joint and enjoy the flavor of your herb.

Pre-Rolled Cones

Pre-rolled cones are cones that have been rolled for you to make things easy for you.  Pre-rolled cones come in a uniform and perfect cone shape. All you need to do is fill up the empty cones with your favorite dry herbs and you are good to go. For example, RAW cones are made with natural unbleached paper.


  • They are quick and easy to use
  • You can make many joints within a short time.
  • They are perfect for anyone who doesn’t know how to roll a joint


  • You can’t control the shape of your joint
  • More expensive than rolling papers

How to Fill it Up?

Paper cones are super easy to use since all you have to do is fill them up.

First starty with grinding your herbs up. Then fill up y our cone precisely and pack it down. Then twist the end to hold the stuff together. Light up and enjoy the goodness of your smoke.


Although many people are trying to switch to a dry herb vaporizer, smoking is still one of the biggest ways people consume herbs. There are still different ways to smoke and joint or cones are one of the popular ways. Learning to know which one is better between the two can be useful.